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LPN nursing jobs or employment for licensed practical nurses are many abroad specially in first world countries. The job of an LPN is to provide basic bedside care.

If you have an LPN nursing job, then you will be taking the vital signals of patients. This means monitoring the temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration.

Licensed practical nurses can also treat bedsores, prepare and give injections and enemas, apply dressings, give alcohol rubs and massages. You will also be the one to apply ice packs, hot water bottles and monitor catheters.

LPNs are the ones who observe patients and report adverse reactions to medications or treatments to the doctors. They can also be asked to collect samples for testing, perform routine laboratory tests, feed patients, and record food and fluid intake and output.

Some LPN nursing jobs will also require you to help deliver, care for, and feed infants. Experienced LPNs may supervise nursing assistants and aides. Furthermore, LPN jobs in nursing homes include providing routine bedside care and developing nursing care plans.

Lastly, in doctors’ offices and clinics, they may also be asked to make appointments, keep records, and perform other clerical duties. LPNs who work in private homes can prepare meals and teach family members simple nursing tasks.

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3 Comments on "LPN Nursing Jobs | Licensed Practical Nurse"

  1. Filipino Nurse
    Lorelie O.L. Malate
    28/12/2009 at 10:28 pm Permalink

    The management,

    I am CaRN educator in Orange County. I have a nursing school for LPN and ASN in Manila, Philippines, lately due to recession in the US a lot of filipino nurses who are dreaming to work in the US are in great frustrations. Locally in Manila there is no job for nurses. Currently I have a job order going to UK for practical nurses but I do not have students locally mostly of my students are form the US who just studying in Manila to save dollars on their tuition fees. My question is if I will encourage local students to study ASN or LPN at my school, what will be their opportunities in Australia. I met one of the government officals last 2008 during NCSBN conference in San Diego and he mentioned to me that by 2010 the shortage of nurses in Australia will be in great number. The dilemma here is LPN and ASN course in Manila is not a recognized profession by DOLE and PNA, however they are well trained in the hospital and there are few registry who hired LPN and ASN-RN graduates.
    My school in Manila is providing education with a California standard of health care delivery system and so with the curriculum. I developed it according to the Nursing Practice Act. We are alos providing a training with a state of the art simulation laboratory comparable to the practice here in California.
    I just feel that LPN and ASN graduates in Manila are highly trained and can perform tasks just like any other BSN-RN graduates except for some duties that is limited for BSN-RN like IV’s, admission, discharge, and some special areas in nursing.
    Please advise me on How I cam help more my countrymen in finding a decent job as an LPN or ASN-RN graduate.



  2. Filipino Nurse
    15/03/2010 at 4:40 am Permalink

    is there a possibilty that LPN’s will not be anymore accepted in U.S ??

    because as what they said RN’s are much knowledgable than the LPN’s

  3. Filipino Nurse
    Shoeb Akbar
    30/11/2010 at 1:27 pm Permalink


    Urgent requirement for Director of Nursing and Nurses for Saudi Arabia.

    Female Nurses from English speaking countries or western countries can apply for the Job.


    Required for the following Positions (Females only):

    1) Nursing Director—Minimum 10 years experience (3 positions)

    2) Nursing Supervisor—Minimum 8 years experience

    3) Nursing Manager—–Minimum 8 years experience

    4) Nursing Educator

    5) Head Nurses – All Specializations

    6) Charge Nurses/ Staff Nurse – All Specializations

    Package and Benefits commensurate with the experience of Candidature.

    • Competitive Salary (Tax Free)
    • Free Housing
    • Bonus ½ Month Salary Yearly
    • Medical Facilities
    • Annual Tickets
    • CME and other benefits

    For the application, please send CV and recent photograph to the following address:

    send ur profile to rtispl@redtechsoft.com or shoebakbar@ymail.com or can directly contact us on +91 929 15 786 86.


    Shoeb Akbar

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