Making a Good Introduction

In a job interview, making a good impression begins with making a good introduction. That’s why it is important to know what to answer when the hiring manager asks you to tell something about yourself.

Many candidates fail to prepare for that question and it’s easy to see why. It’s not exactly a difficult question, but many people simply don’t know how or where to begin. Should they talk about their work experience, their character traits, or their career goals?

In this article, we will discuss the dos and dont’s of answering this tricky question so you can make a good introduction to your hiring manager.

The right approach

Start your introduction by talking about your current role. Briefly discuss what your current function is and highlight a few important points like key achievements or important lessons you’ve learned. Next, continue with a brief overview of your past work experiences. You can also mention a few notable things about your educational background. Sum it all up by tying your experiences, education, and future career goals with the job that you’re applying for. This is a cohesive way to cover all the important points – your work history, skills, and goals. If you’re looking for more additional hints like what are your weaknesses and other interview guide you can always find more in internet.

Things to avoid

Do not repeat what’s written in your resume. Many people make this mistake most probably because they’re unprepared and they think that repeating what’s in their resume is a safe answer. This is not going to give the interviewer a good impression. Remember that they have already read what’s in your resume. In addition to knowing what you value, this question is also a way for them to assess your communication and presentation skills.

Another pitfall to avoid is overselling. Being confident is great, but being overconfident will only make the hiring manager dislike you. It is fine to talk about your achievements but don’t go overboard. You can show them how much of an achiever you are while still being humble.

Next, don’t share too much. When the hiring manager says “tell me about yourself,” it is not a signal for you to start telling your life story. There is simply no point in sharing that you graduated primary school in 1998 or if you were class president in high school. Keep in mind that you’re in a job interview so focus only on the information that’s relevant to the job opportunity.

Lastly, don’t speak as if you’re reading off a script. Show some enthusiasm and don’t forget to smile. It is alright if you’ve prepared an answer beforehand; just be sure that you deliver it well. You can also see this page for more additional good insight in job interview tips.

Final advice

If your mind suddenly goes blank when you’re asked to say something about yourself, don’t panic. Just breathe, smile, and begin by saying something about your current role. Mention achievements that you are most proud of and the things you learned from them.  End your introduction by talking about your ambitions and career goals that you want to achieve in the future.

The key in nailing your introduction is to know yourself well. Be aware of your strengths and your goals. Know how you want others to perceive you. Once you figure this out, organizing your thoughts and delivering a good introduction will be easier than you expect.