Overcoming Job Interview Jitters

In this article, we will discuss tips on how to overcome job interview jitters. Feeling nervous or anxious prior to a job interview is completely normal. After all, a job interview is the one chance you get to prove that you are the best person for the job that you want.

Practice often

Get yourself accustomed to the interview setup. Days before the interview, spend at least one hour practicing how to answer interview questions. You should also practice how you are going to introduce yourself. It will also help if you ask a friend to help you. Let your friend ask you some unexpected interview questions so you’ll get a better idea of how you should handle those types of questions. On the day of your interview, you will still feel nervous. It’s inevitable. However, you will not be too overwhelmed because you’ve already familiarized yourself with the entire question and answer setup.

Dress well

Wearing something nice and comfortable can help improve your mood and make you feel more confident. Choose a business attire that fits well and makes you feel powerful. But remember that you should be comfortable too. You don’t want to feel fidgety during your interview just because of your attire.

Stop overthinking

On the days before your interview, you should really allot time for practice and preparation. However, you should not overdo it. Make sure that you sleep well the night before the interview. Relax and free your mind from any worries. You can meditate if you think it will help you. You can also listen to some relaxing music. If you use your brain too much minutes before the interview, you’ll end up feeling overwhelmed. You won’t be able to organize your thoughts properly if your mind is too cluttered.

Visualize success

Your mindset matters a lot. Channeling positive thoughts can attract positive energy. On the day of your interview, visualize success. Picture yourself impressing the hiring managers and being offered the job that you want. Instead of worrying about what can go wrong, tell yourself that you’re well prepared for this interview. And if you’re looking for more exceptional how to pass an interview guide. Please visit The Career Mastery.

Act confident

Acting confident means letting your body language reflect your confidence. Walk with confidence and sit down with composure. Think positively and smile. Shake the interviewers hand with just the right amount of enthusiasm. Maintain eye contact and don’t be monotonous when answering the questions. When you program your body to act confidently, then it will be easier for your brain to follow.

Take your time

You might not notice it but you might feel the need to rush things if you are nervous during an interview. You feel that you need to answer the questions as quickly as possible. This is unnecessary. It is important to calm your nerves, breathe, and think before you answer. It is better to pause and think about the best way to answer the question rather than to speak immediately but fail to deliver. Remember that there is no time limit in answering the questions. It is acceptable to think for a few seconds before delivering your answer.