Tips on How to Surpass a Rigid Board Licensure Examination

27 November 2012 » In Nursing Exam »

Nursing Licensure Examination is fast approaching. There’s a lot of preparations in order for you to achieve your dream as a nurse.

There are a lot of factors to consider in passing the exam by using various techniques, and sheer perseverance.

Here are some tips in passing the board exam:

Choose a Review Center
Choosing a review center gives you to decide on enrolling in a well known review program in town. Attending a review center will be able to gain you access to the past problems that were given, you’ll get to learn about survival techniques, current trends, and give you a lot of confidence. However, if you don’t have enough cash to enroll in a review center, there’s an option to attend your school pre review session so that you still have strong chance of passing.

You can also try some low cost review center that offers you cheap rates. If you don’t have cash at all, be resourceful.

Gather a lot of reading materials, borrowing from your classmates and friends. Ask them about what transpired in the recent examination like what certain problems in a particular field that appeared in the examination, etc. There is no harm doing this because you’re aiming to be a licensed nurse.

Pile up Stock Knowledge
Someone told me that many honor students even from reputable school also flunked the examination, and they are many, in other words, the outcome of the examination doesn’t rely on its intellectual knowledge. The culprit could be over rationalization, over confidence and lack of preparation. The licensure examination is not like a quiz bee thing wherein most intelligent individuals are most likely to succeed. With stock knowledge, it is the key in passing any licensure examination, and it takes a lot of perseverance to do it.

Know the Trend of the Examination
Prepare yourself with questions and problems that were previously given, if you took it previously. It will help you a lot in your review. It eases out the tension and pressure in you, plus it acclimatizes you to the real board examination. And it also helps in boosting your confidence in doing this thing.

Unwind, Chillax
If you are experiencing burnout already, find time chillax… to go to beach with your friends, watch movies or do some activities that will help you regain your energy. Don’t push yourself reviewing everyday. You also need to relax to keep going and energized. Bear in mind that even the greatest chess grandmasters around the world plays sports or find time to unwind.

Motivate Yourself
Keep it to yourself that you need to pass the examination with all your might and capabilities, you’re future is at stake here.

Don’t Pressure Yourself
You are determined to pass the examination, and what will people speak of your performance is irrelevant they are not the ones that supported your collegiate fees and expenses. Be sure you are giving your best shot. Don’t mind other people’s expectation.

Rest, Eat Well and Exercise
You have to regain lost energy and will inevitably make you sharp at all times.

Before the Examination
Most examinees usually relax themselves three days prior to the examination day. Make sure that you have the necessary materials with you that you will need in the examination and you know your room assignment.

Examination Day
The job outlook for nurses continues to be promising but with competition. Continuing your education will help you stand out from your peers ensuring that you have a great position to go along with a promising future.

Relax, take a deep breath often. Answer first the easy questions before going back to the hardest ones. Be sure that you have answers for every questions 30 minutes before the given time. Use your time wisely, lack of preparation during the examination will result to guesswork with the test.

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