Ways To Handle Office Bullying

Being a target of bullying in the workplace can lead to low self-confidence and poor performance. This is a real concern among employees. However, not all workplaces have a policy that can protect its workers.  Bullying can sometimes be hard to deal with. Sometimes, a company might find it hard to reprimand a bully just because of his or her position or contribution to the business. It can be an unfair situation, but it is not a rare occurrence. There are some companies that just choose to sweep it under a rug. However, those who are being targeted by bullies are not hopeless. With the right action, the situation can improved and bullying can be stopped. Here are a few ways on how you can handle bullying in the office.

Stay grounded

Staying calm and grounded helps you to remain professional in the face of bullying or corporate abuse. Sometimes, the bully just wants to see you get upset. Try your best to remain unaffected and just focus on doing your work. This method can eventually discourage the bully from trying to distract you from doing well in your job.

Call their bluff

There are many times when a bully would talk offensively just to bring you down. So, the next time you get into a discussion with the office bully, try calling their bluff. Ask for evidence. Ask for proof. See if they can justify their statements. Usually, this will make them back off because they cannot present concrete evidence to support their criticisms.

Collect evidence

Are you still uncertain if you’re experiencing bullying? Sometimes, it’s not bullying but it’s just bad jokes or annoying habits. It would be helpful if you keep a record of events. Documentation is also beneficial especially if you need to present evidence to the higher management later on. If you’re getting passive-aggressive messages in your emails, keep a record of them. If you’re always being left out in meetings, write down the dates when it happened.

Discuss it with management

Some offices have a policy that protects its employees from bullying and other abusive behavior in the office. However, if your office does not have such policy, then you can still try to bring it up with the management. Depending on your situation, you can discuss it with a supervisor or someone else in the right position. Try to find someone who is unbiased and has decision making powers.

Have access to power

Having supportive peers at work is always helpful. If you are being bullied by someone who is in a higher position, then it does not mean that you are completely powerless. Show the bully that you have the confidence and trust of other managers and supervisors. Expand your network and aim to develop stronger working relationships with other people of influence in your company.